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MyPhoneExplorer – Simply explore your Android phone ➤ Download Now!

MyPhoneExplorer is a free and helpful software with the help of which you’ll administer its SonyEricsson or Android phone simply.

Connect your phone through cable, Bluetooth, or infrared and you will be shocked at how simple and environment-friendly you’ll be able to handle your phone with this compact application.

Since its first look, this Phone Explorer has advanced into essentially the most popular freeware tool for SE phones and is continually prolonged by new features.

Since version 1.8 MyPhoneExplorer supports Android-based phones (linked through WiFi, USB cable, or Bluetooth).

Install the application, connect your mobile phone, and perform completely different actions. You will be capable of editing contacts (from each SIM and Phone memory), and sending SMS messages quicker from its interface using your computer keyboard.

Also, you’ll be able to handle and edit appointments, notes, or alarms, transfer data out of your SD Card to your PC (pictures), back up your phone data, and so on.

MyPhoneExplorer Features:

  • Sending messages directly from your desktop
  • Accept and control calls on your PC
  • View notifications on your desktop
  • Comfortable backup-wizard
  • Photo-Sync: transfer your photos from your phone to the PC with a single click
  • File-Sync: keep complete folder structures in sync with PC, highly customizable
  • Mirror your phone screen to the desktop, via USB-cable you even can remotely control the phone
  • Remote keyboard: use your regular PC keyboard to type text on your phone
  • Access to the clipboard of the phone
  • and a lot more…

Datasync with several targets

It is often required to keep data in sync with other databases. Because of this MyPhoneExplorer can sync the data of the phone with the most popular PIM suites. MyPhoneExplorer does support:

  • Outlook since Version 2003
  • Thunderbird
  • Seamonkey
  • Lotus Notes
  • Tobit David
  • Fritz!Box
  • vCard-File and iCal-File
  • internal Sync-Database (f.e. to keep several phones in sync)

Before MyPhoneExplorer edits the data in the database or the phone he will present you the planned actions. This will prevent sync accidents very effectively.

Changes in MyPhoneExplorer 2.1 :

  • Drag&Drop support for calendar
  • Autocomplete in the appointment dialog based on existing appointments
  • A better DualSIM-support SIM card is shown for call lists and SMS messages
  • DualMessenger storage is supported now in the file browser
  • better backup-restore, local calendars are now also restored
  • several dialogs are confirmed automatically if the phone is connected via USB cable (f.e. Textinput, Screen mirroring)
  • Contact-edit-dialog revised
  • Sync-support for Betterbird
  • a lot of smaller changes and bugfixes

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).
  • Android 4.0 and later

Size: 20 MB

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