AppBuster 1.1.1341.0 Free by O&O Software

App Buster removes Windows Apps you don't want

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O&O AppBuster Software

O&O AppBuster offers you the control back over your Windows again! We all know that Microsoft, together with Windows 10 and 11, additionally installs a bunch of applications by default. Such applications might be helpful and unnecessary, and a few are even developed outside Microsoft.

If you need to again be capable of making your selections on which applications you need to use, here’s what you want – O&O AppBuster! And it’s quite simple: the applications fall into categories displaying which applications are simple to remove and install again. You additionally find out about the ones it’s best to get rid of.

This O&O software is free of cost. You can run it instantly on your PC without downloading the software you do not want or do not need, not like many other applications.

A set of extra applications comes alongside when installing Windows 10 and 11. Usually, a few of them are good, and a few of them are useless. It’s just one click and O&O AppBuster will allow you to remove unwanted applications simply and shortly!

O&O AppBuster Software

O&O AppBuster offers you a clear and concise interface indicating which Microsoft-supplied applications come together with Windows 10 and 11. You can also see which applications are installed on your computer and which you’ll be able to install if you want. What’s more – it even shows the hidden applications.

O&O AppBuster offers more control over your operating system:

  • Uninstall applications pre-installed by Microsoft (additionally the hidden Apps!)
  • Remove pre-installed third-party applications and protect your privateness
  • Reinstall accidentally deleted applications
  • Undo modifications at any time by making a system restore the level

Changes in O&O AppBuster 1.1.1341.0:

  • NEW: Uninstallation for the current user, all users, and computers possible in one go
  • NEW: Selection of normal and hidden apps possible via the action menu
  • NEW: Order of apps when uninstalling is optimized according to mutual dependencies
  • NEW: Revision of the layout of the UI
  • NEW: Dark mode is supported
  • Available in English and German

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10 and 11.

Size: 1.49 MB


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